Price, Service and Quality are Designed into Every Quick-Trench Pre-Sloped Drainage System Product

Quick Trench is the Easiest Trench Drain System to Install


An innovative, new system designed to simplify linear drain installations under finished concrete, pavers, decking, or other hard surfaces.


Patented Pre-Sloped 6″, 12″ and Shallow Trench Drainage Systems


• Quick Assembly

• Easy-to-Install

• Heavy Duty Grates

• Industrial Applications

• Modular Components

• Chemical Resistant

• PVC Outlets

• Uniform Level Exterior

• Sloped Interior

• Multiple Grate Options


Design Factors to Consider


Review your requirement for the installation. There are several aspects to be considered in the design phase, including:


• What is the drainage channel run length?

• What type of slope is needed in the run?

• Where are the outlet drains needed?

• Is the catch basin needed at the end of the run?

• Is chemical resistance needed?

• What load category must be met for the finished installation?

• What type of grating is needed?