Quick 6" Pre-Sloped Drainage System


Specification Detail

Quick-Trench channels are 1 meter (39.4 in) 2.2 Kg (5 lb) polypropylene composite sections with uniform exterior and 0.5% sloped or neutral interior full radius bottom for eˆicient liquid drainage. Channels mate to adjacent sections via integral ears, clips, and 25 mm (1 in) overlapping tongue. Each channel contains 4 receptacles for fixation to #3 rebar via wire or cable tie. Up to 15 meter (49.2 Ž) sloped drainage run is possible to a single end point. Up to 30 meter (98.4 Ž) sloped drainage run is possible to a center collection point. Neutral channels are available to extend run lengths or where level trench drain is desired. Channels have staggered semi-circular cutouts on each side at bottom to enable concrete flow under legs.

Drainage options include bottom outlet, end outlet, or catch basin. Bottom and end outlet fittings in PVC are sized to accept 3 in or 4 in pipe. Bottom and end outlet fittings are available in PP where chemical resistance is needed. End fittings are universal fit and field trimmed to appropriate height. Grating options include ductile iron, galvanized, stainless steel, and plastic with lock down feature to secure grate to channel. Grate load ratings are available to suit nearly any application and may be specified ADA compliant. Refer to Trench Channel Table below for upstream (U) and downstream (D) depths from top of channel.

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Channel Sections

Product Code Channel Sections Length Meters
Q6-1000 Channels 6" Channel 1
Q6-1000-45 Channels 6" 45 Degree Channel 45°
Q6-1000-T Channels T Channel T

End Caps, Outlets and Accessories

Starting Cap

Used at upstream end of channel. Field trim to desired height. Available in PP if chemical resistance is needed.

Outlet Cap

Used at downstream end of channel. Field trim to desired height. Accepts 3” or 4” PVC pipe. Furnished with outlet blocked off if BPO is used at bottom of trench. Field drill with hole saw if end outlet drain is used. Available in PP if chemical resistance is needed.

Bottom Outlet

May be installed at any position on bottom of channel for bottom drain option. Accepts 3" or 4" PVC pipe. Field drill through channel bottom with hole saw if bottom outlet is used. Available in PP if chemical resistance is needed.

Top Finish Cap

Attaches to top of SEC or OEC to bring end fitting height up to grate level.

Catch Basin

Used where deep collection point is desired at end of trench. Mates to any channel section, also accepts OEC or BPO fittings for drainage outlet options. Strainer basket available for debris collection. Length is 1/2 meter.

Quick Clip

Used as a clip to join channel sections to other channel sections, channel sections to end fittings, and channel sections to catch basin. Also used as a spacer to maintain spread at top of channel during concrete pour.

Pour Board

Pour boards maintain grate width of the channel during concrete pour.

Locking Devices


Product Code Description Length Meters
Q6-ASPP5 Slotted Polypropylene 1/2
Q6-APPP5 Perforated Polypropylene 1/2
Q6-APPP45 45 Degree Perforated Polypropylene -
Q6-APPPT Tee Perforated Polypropylene -
Q6-ALSPP5 Longitudinal Polypropylene 1/2
Q6-ALSPP45 45 Degree Longitudinal Polypropylene -
Q6-ALSPPT Tee Longitudinal Polypropylene -
Q6-APG Perforated Galvanized Steel 1
Q6-APG45 Perforated Galvanized 45 Degree -
Q6-APGT Perforated Galvanized Tee -
Q6-APS Perforated Stainless Steel 1
Q6-APS45 Perforated Stainless Steel 45 Degree -
Q6-APST Perforated Stainless Steel Tee -
Q6-ASG Slotted Galvonized Steel Grating 1
Q6-ASS Slotted Stainless Steel 1
Q6-CSD5 Slotted Ductile Iron 1/2
Q6-CSD45 Tee Slotted Ductile Iron 45 Degree -
Q6-CSDTEE 45 Degree Slotted Ductile Iron -
Q6-CSDG5 Slotted Galvanized Ductile Iron 1/2
Q6-CSG Slotted Galvanized Steel - Reinforced 1
Q6-CSS Slotted Stainless Steel - Reinforced 1
Q6-CLDG5 Longitudinal Ductile Iron 1/2
Q6-CLDG45 45 Degree Longitudinal Ductile Iron -
Q6-CLDGT Tee Longitudinal Ductile Iron -
Q6-CPG Perforated Galvanized Steel - Reinforced 1
Q6-CPS Perforated Stainless Steel - Reinforced 1
Q6-CAD5 ADA Compliant Ductile Iron 1/2
Q6-DIR Ductile Iron Overlay Rail 1/2
Q6-DIR45 Ductile Iron Overlay Rail 45 Degree -
Q6-DIR-T Ductile Iron Overlay Rail Tee -